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Need help or have questions about cash advance loans? So did some of our recent visitors! We hope to have answered your cash advance questions below.

Q: What is the difference between a cash advance and a personal loan?
A: A cash advance is much easier to apply for and be approved for. Usually personal loans require a bank to check your credit history and may ask for collateral and/or a co-signer. Cash advance loans are approved without regard to your credit.

Q: Are there restrictions on how I can use the cash advance loan money?
A: You can use your cash advance for any purpose you see fit. Most people use a cash for emergency situations that arrise before their payday arrives.

Q: What are the consequences for not paying back the entire loan amount when it becomes due.
A: Well, first of all, you should contact your cash advance agent, who will be able to advise you on this situation. You will be required to pay the interest on the loan in order to keep the loan current.

Q: How long will I have to wait to see if my loan is approved?
A: Generally, a cash advance agent will contact you within hours, that is providing that you submitted all of the required information needed to process your cash advance application. If your application is submitted with false or incorrect information, it will usually take longer. In any case, a cash advance agent will respond to your application.

Q: I am not yet 18 years old, but do have a job and steady income, would I qualify for a cash advance in this case?
A: Even though you may be able to provide verifiable income, by law you must be of legal age to be approved for a cash advance.

Q: Do you provide nationwide cash advance services, or just in specific states?
A: Our cash advance services are provided nationwide in the states that allow cash advance loans.

Q: How do I contact you for additonal questions?
A: Follow this link.


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